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    Sean Johnston was born and raised in Salem, Oregon. For as long as Sean can remember, he has had an interest in tattoos. But in his mind, a tattoo career was considered a dream life that was unattainable to him from a young age. So he never gave it too much thought. After graduating from high school he pursued an education in business and mechanics. While attending college he found a part time job at a local tattoo shop in Wyoming. With tasks ranging from cleaning, drawing, and doing whatever his mentor asked of him. He found himself doing everything in a tattoo shop besides tattooing. After several attempts trying to convince his mentor to teach him how to tattoo, he finally gave in. By the time he finished college with his associates degree, he also earned a tattoo license.


    After returning home, while having a few different mechanical jobs, he found little comfort in the career that he went to college for. A few friends pulled some money together to buy him some tattoo equipment, so he could tattoo them. When Sean’s underground tattoo hobby became too big to remain underground, he figured it was time to get a tattoo license in Oregon. After meeting the requirements of his home state, he earned another tattoo license. Then the work began...


    After tattooing for 6 years, and working at a couple different tattoo shops. Sean had a vision for how he thought a tattoo shop should operate. In 2012 he decided to open his own tattoo shop.


    Now, with over 15 years of experience, he has earned himself a loyal following across the globe. Sean is an award winning, highly respected tattoo artist. With a unique combination of skills including: color, black and gray, realism, and coverups. He can do just about any tattoo. Working around the clock he hopes to solidify himself in his industry as a name that is synonymous with creativity and quality, and looks forward to further developing his craft as he pushes himself to do so daily, and is constantly inspired and motivated by the artists he works with and has worked with over the years. 


    In 2015 Sean opened Desire Ink Lab Tattoo and Piercing, along with co-owner Aaron Carey. Located in Salem Oregon, Desire Ink lab is a prestigious, appointment only, all custom tattoo shop that attracts clients from all walks of life, from all over the world. 


    When Sean is not tattooing, he enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife, and two amazing children. 

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